This is the third post in my blog series; “How I started needle felting and making money with wool from my sheep.”  I started out sharing how growing up on a farm influenced my artistic side and developed my eye for detail.  In the second post I share how homeschooling my children brought me closer to finding my niche. All of this leading you up to this post telling how my daughter started me on my future career path.
When my daughter was 7 years old she became interested in learning how to knit.  I myself didn’t know how to knit so we picked up a book, some knitting needles and yarn and I learned how so that I could teach her.  Once I learned I was hooked and started making projects like crazy. One of my first projects was making the slippers you see in the picture above.  I was so proud of them.  🙂   All the kids learned how to knit with only Libbie and I taking it to the next level.

I have an aunt that has been spinning her own yarn, knitting, raising fiber animals, weaving, and you name it for years.  I thought after learning how to knit this would make a fun homeschool field trip for the kids and me.  My aunt Linda gave us an entire presentation of everything she does.  We fell in love with the thought of making our own yarn and the entire process.  The variety of natural colors and beauty of all of the completed projects peeked our interest.  Of course this made us desire to have only wool or natural fibers to knit with and started us on the journey to become the yarn snobs we are today.


Libbie has become a very accomplished knitter and has passed me in knitting knowledge and experience.   I still enjoy knitting but spend most of my time needle felting.  I have included some pictures of Libbie’s kniting projects below.  Libbie has opened her own Etsy shop called KnitFix by Purly where she features her knitted items and some needle felting of her own.  Stay tuned . . . in part three of this series you will find out how sheep came into our lives.