Spring is already here and this means it’s time to roll out the spring outfits. If you’re like me who has a whole herd of felted animals, then you’ll need to start changing out their wardrobe from winter. But if you haven’t as yet, it’s not too late. This is still just the beginning of spring. 


All the cute little felted animals I have around me have their own personality. No two bunnies or giraffes or ducklings have the same sense of style and characteristics. Each time they get dressed, their own unique personalities shine through. As a mother of so many felted babies, I have the awesome task of making their outfits. And, I absolutely love seeing them rocking the outfits I make for them.


As the seasons change, it’s only natural that their outfits change too. Well, you don’t have to make clothes for your furry babies every season, since they mostly stay inside. But, at least we can allow them to accessorize appropriately. We all know that accessories make everything better. If you don’t know where to start we will offer you some tips.


As you probably already know, I first started out knitting. This was before I discovered my newfound love for needle felting. So, thanks to my knitting skills, my furry animals can have trendy accessories for every season. And, it’s a great feeling when my two loves collide.


If you don’t know anything about fashion, you should at least know that you have to have your signature scarves. And, since we’re in spring, don’t be shy with the colors. The brighter they are the better. Either way, go ahead and mix your colors, to bring out the vibrance and beauty of spring. I enjoy using the roving wool from the Romney sheep I raise on my farm to make the yarn. I also enjoy hand-painting the yarns, with an organic dye of course, and transforming them into stylish scarves for my babies. Whether you prefer to make your own yarn or not, be sure to choose yarn made from organic fibers for your delicate babies. You can also make felted scarves for your fur babies. It all depends on their sense of fashion.


Apart from scarves, hats can be statement pieces for your felted animals. They are also perfect for the spring climate. You can make different types of hats with different styles according to the various personalities of your little ones. From tams to bucket hats, to sun hats, boater/sailor hats, baseball caps, berets, and baker boy caps, you have a range of spring options to choose from. You’ll never go wrong with any of these. Don’t hold back on creativity. Of course, you can also look through magazines for ideas and inspiration. If you’re not much of an expert at knitting, and you want to try making hats, you can start out with tams. Don’t forget the tassels, which can be a ball of felted wool.


You can also try making other neck accessories, such as ties and necklaces, in keeping with spring fashion. If you are skilled enough to make neckties, go for it. I absolutely love seeing little animals in cute little bowties. I know these can be quite difficult to make so you can probably get these premade if you wish. In fact, you can get all your spring accessories premade if knitting or sewing is not your thing.


To help you make your precious babies stay fashionable, I offer downloadable scarf and tam hat knitting patterns. All you need are basic knitting skills, which you can quickly learn from YouTube tutorials if you wish! We also offer a spring wool sampler pack that features bright spring colors for all your spring projects.


Just started out felting? Try our Spring Needle Felting Bundle, which is perfect for beginners of all ages, a favorite during spring, and now on sale. You can make cute little ducklings or Easter bunnies, or whatever you like with this kit. And, even though we’ve said goodbye to winter, it doesn’t mean our love for snowmen has to end. Our snowmen bundle is popular all year-round because it’s one of the easiest kits to start out with. Snowmen are a warm way to remember winter or to give as gifts! So, go right ahead and grab our beginner snowmen kit as well as our beautiful Bear Creek Dakota Spun yarn for your knitted accessories. 


Take your felted animals to the next level with cute spring accessories!

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