Often in life, what seems like just another life event can turn out to be a guided journey that will forever change your life! Just as when Libbie asked for that lamb all those years ago…As you all know, I couldn’t quite leave with just the one little lamb (if you’ve ever looked into a lamb’s adorable eyes, you’ll understand why) Which is why we ended up with an initial flock of four Romney sheep.

At that time, needle felting was just another craft to us! Little did we know, that simple birthday wish would change both my working and family life forever. Who knew there was such power behind those tiny figures.

Although that is a pretty perfect picture painted there, it wasn’t all plain sailing, as with learning any new hobby, the learning curve can be steep and needle felting is no exception. Although one thing that made my life 10x easier was using the best tools for the job, wool being at the top of that list! Most needle felting kits contain Merino Wool, and while I love Merino Wool for wet felting, it isn’t my first choice for dry felting…Especially as a newbie! 

With that being said, here are some reasons why Romney Wool should be your only choice when choosing your Needle Felting Wool…

You get a tighter felt

Merino wool stays pliable, even when it’s felted. Unless you’re felting a jellyfish, you probably don’t want your figure to be bendy. It can also be difficult to conceal lines where you’ve added more wool.


No need for full Armature

Ronmey wool felts so tightly that you no longer have to break needle after needle felting into wire…I’m getting frustrated just thinking about it! Instead, you can felt a firm sculpture that allows you to add so much expression into your work! 

Leave the armature for the legs….Or if you’d like to go full pro mode, join the academy and learn how to felt legs without using wire! Yep, my jaw hit the floor too!

Sometimes we like Spongy

The waves and softness of Merino wool do have their place. After all, what’s a sheep model without a coating of soft wool to finish it off?! Some people prefer a softer finish, so merino wool can offer that squishy texture, without the whole sculpture bending. Although I hate to blow my own trumpet…Our Romney Wool is soft, without the spongy. 

Who thought those sweet little lambs would give so much possibility and joy! I mean it with all my heart when I say, all I truly want for Christmas, is for you to find as much pleasure from needle felting as I….

Happy Holidays! 


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