Venture to the Nome SchoolhouseAs a craft enthusiast, farmer, North Dakotan, and lover of sheep (one might even call me a sheep whisperer), community has been at the center of everything I do. It’s incredible to see what happens when we work together, support one another, and cheer from the sidelines.

In fact, I wish I could bottle the feeling of living in a small town and share it with people around the country because I believe that having a passion for strengthening communities is something we lack in the world today.

That said, very, very, soon, people from all walks of life will be able to experience the beauty in simplicity, the warmth of community, and the magic of crafting during their stay at the Nome Schoolhouse!

What is the Nome Schoolhouse?

About an hour southwest of Fargo, you’ll find a teeny tiny town named Nome. And when I say teeny tiny, I mean it. The 2010 census reported a population of only 62!

And in this old community, you can’t help but notice one particular building that stands as a memory in time—the Nome Schoolhouse! Well, my dear friend Chris Armburst (founder of the Dakota Fiber Mill) and I decided to make our dreams a reality by restoring this building that hasn’t been used since the 70s.

Do we have lots of work ahead of us? Absolutely! But the result will be so beautiful, so fun, so enriching, that we are ready to strap on those boots, get some dirt under our nails, and work with this community to make the Nome Schoolhouse a destination for travelers from around the globe.

What’s happening at the Nome Schoolhouse?

This collaborative project means new beginnings for all! When complete, the Nome Schoolhouse will be the new home of Bear Creek Felting and the Dakota Fiber Mill—as well as a Bed and Breakfast, event center, and retail store. And get this, we’ll also be offering classes to learn all about the fiber arts.

Venturing to the Nome Schoolhouse will allow you to immerse yourself in authenticity.

Here you can:

  • Use yarn and felt that comes straight from the adorable sheep who roam the land out back.
  • Experience old school charm.
  • Relax, roam the land, and enjoy the peace.
  • Hike or canoe in the beautiful North Dakota terrain.
  • Purchase fiber art, take classes or host a retreat of your own.
  • And so much more!

Take a peek at our renovation process!

Renovations are just beginning, so start mapping out your family’s trip up north today. We’ll be ready for you. Click here! Follow our progress on our Nome Schoolhouse Facebook page or on Instagram.

Do you want to take your crafts to the next level from the comfort of your home? Check out the Bear Creek Felting Academy, a one-stop-shop for tutorials to help you design the craft creations of your dreams. Click here to learn more!

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