Have you ever come home at the end of a long day and wanted to just stab something? Look, I’m not saying I have, and I’m not saying I haven’t. What I can tell you is that one of the best (and most legal) ways to channel that frustration is needle felting. Here are 5 reasons why:

You Get To Stab Something, Repeatedly

When it comes to needle felting, there is one basic move: stabbing. Gather your wool, set it against your cushion, pick up your needle, and STAB! Even though you may end up with a cute and cuddly creature, you can stab it as hard as you want and never hurt anything . . . unless you catch your finger in the crossfire. But then, you get to take out the frustration of having stabbed your finger by – you guessed it – stabbing some more!

It’s A Great Way to Get out Excess Kinetic Energy

Do you ever find, when you’re sitting watching TV at night, that you still have the urge to fiddle? Or maybe you just focus better when you have something to do with your hands. Either way, needle felting is a great way to satisfy your body’s need to move without sacrificing too much concentration. Sure, when you get down to the fine details of a project you’ll need your full attention, but isn’t that what commercial breaks are for?

There’s No Such Thing as a Felting Mistake

With most crafting projects, a slip of the paintbrush or a snip of the scissors can ruin everything. Not so, with needle felting. If you felt something down too small, you can always add more wool. If your wool is too puffy, you just felt it down more. And there’s no rule book about what you have to make, either. If your cow ends up looking more like a giraffe, just add some spots and go with it! When you can’t go wrong, it’s so much easier to have fun with a crafting project.

You’re Turning Your Stress into Something Good

Let’s be honest – it’s not very often that your stress yields positive results. Most often, stress leads to digestive upset and misplaced anger. But when you channel your stress into needle felting, you get a beautiful creation at the end of everything. That feeling of accomplishment releases endorphins, and endorphins are guaranteed to make you feel good.

Voila! You’ve Got a New Cuddly Friend

It’s no surprise that children gravitate towards stuffed animals to help comfort themselves. They’re cuddly, cute, and great to hug. The same goes for your felting creations! When you’ve got a sweet puppy or kitten face looking up at you, and you don’t have to pick up after it, well, that’s a whole lot of stress-relief, my friend!

You’ve gotten out your frustrations, channeled them into something positive, and reaped the rewards! I can’t think of a better destresser than that. If you’d like to give needle felting a try, join my academy! You’ll get video courses, learn techniques, and receive support to get you started, or improve your felting skillset. Let’s destress together, felting-style!