Needle felting is the oldest known textile. While you might not automatically think of the internet as a friend to this ancient craft, you’d be surprised by how much your needle felting projects would benefit from some time with technology.

From Etsy to Pinterest, there are so many ways to use social media and the internet to enhance your projects or use your needle felting skills to make extra cash! Here are five online resources to use for your next significant needle felting endeavor.


Since you’re here reading this blog, we can only assume that you already know how valuable blogs can be in expanding your world of needle felting and your skills in the craft. Here at Bear Creek, we are passionate about providing ideas and education to those interested in learning how to needle felt or are looking to further their needle felting techniques and try new projects. Our blog is full of amazing projects, tips and tricks, and resources for you to keep learning and growing.


YouTube might well be on its way to replacing college as we know it! Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but when it comes to learning new things, YouTube is the perfect place to start. Our EweTube channel is a hub for needle felting education and inspiration for anyone — from beginners to experts!

You can also follow along as we turn an old schoolhouse into a haven for creators and makers — we can’t wait to show you the finished Nome Schoolhouse!


Feeling a bit uninspired? Not sure what to do for your next needle felting project? Pinterest is the perfect place to go for inspiration and ideas! Type in “needle felting” or a specific kind of craft like “needle felted cactus,” You’ll find all sorts of exciting tutorials and ideas!


Like Pinterest, Instagram is a great place to go for inspiration, but it’s also an excellent way to share your work with the world! Whether you’re just looking for a way to share joy through the adorable needle felted creatures you make or hope to build a business from your hobby, you need to start posting and getting your work out into the world!

Needle Felting Academy

Maybe blogs and YouTube aren’t thorough enough for you, or you’re looking for a greater sense of community. The Bear Creek Felting Academy is a significant step for anyone looking to expand their needle felting skills. This membership-based academy is full of online courses and provides an incredible community of artists eager to support you in your needle felting journey! Needle felting may have started centuries ago, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be friends with the internet! We’d love to know how you use the internet and social media to grow and share your passion for needle felting! Leave a comment below to tell us!

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