I usually felt for hours at a time, most of the day, everyday so finding a comfortable needle felting tool was a top priority!  I felt with a single needle and up until a few years ago I didn’t use anything other than the bare needle.  The needle wasn’t comfortable and my fingers ached after hours of felting.  I tried several ways to make the needle more comfortable to hold.  I tried dipping the end of the needle in plasti dip, which did help a tiny bit for comfort but the plastic soon fell apart and came off the needle.  My husband made some wooden ends for me and they were awkward no matter what size he made them.  I have purchased holders that are hard to hold in my hand and I have always gone back to using just the needle.  I finally found the perfect solution and have been using it with complete comfort ever since.

Have you ever noticed how natural a pen feels in your hand?  Well, that is how I came upon this idea.  I will show you how I take a pen and turn it into the most comfortable felting needle holder you can find.  You will need a pen, wool and your felting needle.


1st find a pen you are ready to discard.  Not all pens work, so you will have to try a few.  My favorite is the one shown in the picture below.  You will want to choose a pen that screws together.

Take the pen apart and discard the spring and pen part.

Insert the needle into the pen so that it comes out the end.  It should come straight out the end, not at an angle.  If the needle comes out at an angle you need a different size pen.

Take a small amount of wool roving and jab it down into the pen to hold the needle in place.  You will need to pack the wool into the pen firmly, I used a wire in the picture below.


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