What types of projects are good Needle Felting Projects for Beginners?

felting projects for beginnersI learned how to needle felt on my own mostly by trial and error.  I would have welcomed a special kit designed as needle felting projects for beginners!  My daughter was given some felting needles, a cushion and shown the basics. I picked it up from her and developed my own techniques over the years.

It is possible to teach yourself needle felting!  There are quicker ways to success however, by learning from others that have figured it out for you.  There are many styles of felting, wools to use and techniques to learn.

The Basics you need to start:

  • wool– wool has tiny scales that help it to lock together.
  • Felting needles
  • A cushion to use as a work surface. (upholstery foam works)
  • you may want bandaids on hand.

This is all you need to start.  The next thing is to decide what you want to make.  Something round is a great choice; an apple, snowman, pumpkin etc.  I couldn’t find many needle felting kits or tutorials when I began years ago, but there are many to choose from now.  If I had had the choice back then, I would have chosen a kit. Tutorials are nice, but if you don’t have the right wool to work with you will quickly become frustrated.


Find some needle felting that you admire (everyone has their own style and techniques) and learn from them.   Different types of wool will give each project a different look. You need to find the look that you desire to have in your project and use that same wool and technique.

sheepI think it is important to know where your wool comes from as well and how it has been processed.  It is even more important to find out the breed of sheep the wool comes from. They all felt differently and you will want to remember what you like best.

If you are excited to start with felting an animal as your first project go ahead and give it a try, I did.  Successful first projects in felting are more than what the finished projects look like in the end, but what you learned in the process.  The fun thing about needle felting is you can keep tweaking your projects for days. I have come back years later and fixed felting projects when I learn new techniques.

Successful Needle Felting projects for beginners

I  have designed kits with special attention given to those that are just starting out on their needle felting adventure.  I have planned very carefully every detail of the instructions and pictures to guide the first time needle felter.  I have learned through teaching needle felting classes what areas students struggle with and where I need to pay special attention to explaining the steps.  I have learned from customer’s feedback where they have struggled with their projects and have gone back and redesigned the instructions to help in these areas.  There are certain techniques that are better shown with pictures when words are not enough, and I have included tons of clear, color photographs to guide you.  The wool included in the kits is from our very own flock of sheep.  Our sheep have been raised for their excellent wool that is praised for it’s felting qualities. I include more than enough wool to complete each project,  I would never want you to run out before you are finished.   I use the same type of wool for all of my needle felted sculptures and want to share it with you.  I include the same size and style felting needles in my kits that I use and works best with my wool.  I share my felting secrets in these kits and have been rewarded with thousands of happy customers that come back for more kits, wool and questions as they continue their felting journey.

Kids love my kits by the way.  The kits include sharp needles so they have to be careful.  I have had 7 year olds successfully complete my kits.  Needle felting is a great memory making and rewarding project to do with your kids.felting projects for beginners

The top 5 easiest kits for needle felting success in my line of kits:

  1. Snowman
  2. Sheep
  3. Pumpkin
  4. Penguin
  5. Chickens

I design a new felting kit every year, always easy enough for beginners.  I love to hear what it is you would like to learn how to make.  If you have ideas on what you would like to see me design into a needle felting kit, please let me know in the comments section below.

I also offer a variety of courses beginner through advanced as well as tips and secrets in my Needle Felting Academy membership


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