If you’ve ever thought about sharing your passion for needle felting, now may be the perfect time. More than ever before, families are staying close to home and searching for new hobbies and crafts that can be enjoyed by all ages. While you may feel you still have a lot to learn, your experience may help someone else get started.

I’ve always thought of Bear Creek as a community of artists who happen to express their creativity in the form of needle felted animals. As much as I am passionate about creating realistic critters, I am deeply moved by the community of people who love fiber arts as well as the sheep who give us their wool. I have met so many fascinating people through this journey, and it is a big driver behind our Nome Schoolhouse project.

I believe our community grows stronger when we share. Where would I be without the Woolly Women? What if they had not shared so generously with me? To me, there is something primitive that calls us into community – from quilting circles to garden clubs and beyond – we are meant to share our knowledge.

Ways To Share

Of course, the Internet has made it easy to share our passions. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are all wonderful visual platforms for sharing and connecting with like-minded artists.

Facebook and Instagram both have “Live” features that let you go live and directly reach your followers. You could teach a skill, show yourself working on your project or answer questions you received. Each one of us was helped along the way by someone who knew a bit more than we did at that time, so we can all be teachers.

Think about all the questions you had when you were first getting started. There was lingo to learn, resources to discover, and supplies to locate. You can help someone else get started on their needle felting journey and be their mentor.

Zoom is another way to reach people. I’m even considering teaching live classes now that so many people are now comfortable with this online meeting capability. I may also offer one-on-one project support or go over common challenges. Of course, Academy members would have special pricing, but I could open it to everyone. I’m still trying to understand interest, so let me know if you’d enjoy Zoom classes by sending me a note here.  

Speaking of classes, why not get someone to join you in signing up for the Needle Felting Academy? Not only will you have a friend in the classes, but you can support each other in building your skills and trying new techniques. It’s always more fun to take up a new hobby with a friend, plus you will meet so many other passionate and creative felters.

I find that so many people don’t pick up a new hobby because they are intimidated or don’t know where to start. Sharing your knowledge and experience may entice others to join you in needle felting. We all need heaping doses of beauty, creativity, and community in these crazy times, so why not start a needle felting group? Maybe someday we can all meet up in Nome at a retreat!

Have You Subscribed Yet?

Things are hopping over on our EweTube channel as every week, the progress is more and more visible at the Nome Schoolhouse! New doors, even more lighting, and some amazing memorabilia are generously pouring in. We are so honored to be entrusted with the history of this schoolhouse in this way. Be sure to subscribe so you won’t miss an episode!

In last week’s episode (#39), Chris and I talk about coming up with a new, more natural blend of roving designed to make our animals – and one special bunny named “Stella” – even more realistic. I think it’s a fun peek into how Chris and I are constantly working to come up with new colors and blends. I do sell my Bunnies in my Etsy shop (though Chris is apparently keeping Stella), and you can also sign up for my “Bunny Alert” emails.

A Note From The Shed

In case you are keeping count, we had 55 lambs this spring!! We plan to keep all of them and grow our Bear Creek flock since we need to produce as much wool as we can. If you want to see the latest lamb photos (who doesn’t?!), please follow us on Facebook.

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