Stuck for a needle felting idea? 5 unique ideas to get you started.Stuck For A Needle Felting Idea? 5 Unique Projects to Get You Started!

Whether you’ve been felting for a long time, or are just starting out, it’s common to get stuck (pun intended) for ideas. After all, unless you have a mansion with unlimited space to store all your creations, or an unlimited number of friends to gift them to, it can be hard to find a place for every object you felt. So, here are some great ideas for expanding your felting repertoire this summer.

Lapel Pins

Lapel pins are a fun way to practice both flat and 3D felting. You can create badges, pins, or felt flowers to create boutonnieres that will last forever! If you were feeling particularly ambitious, you could felt enough flowers for an entire wedding party to wear on their lapels! Whether you’re crafting characters or objects, the options really are endless.

Homemade Cards

Now, obviously it would be difficult to felt an entire card (and it wouldn’t so much hold its shape), but you can felt all kinds of flat objects to glue to the front of cards for an extra special touch. Think hearts, stars, flowers, even birthday cakes made of felt! And, if you got started now on snowmen, sleighs, and Christmas trees, you could have personalized Christmas cards for everyone on your list.

Felted Embroidery

Did you know you can felt directly into fabric? Just grab an embroidery hoop, stretch fabric across it, and felt! One of my favorite things to felt, embroidery-style, is portraits of my friends’ and family members’ pets. They look so cute hanging on a wall, and you can really animate their personalities with felt.


You know how you always have bits of various colored wool left over at the end? Well, you can gather all those bits together to make really interesting marbled beads. Whether you’re looking to make larger baubles for necklaces, or smaller ones for bracelets, simply felt your wool ends into a tight ball, and string them onto necklaces, earrings, etc.

Felted Fascinators

I know the Royal Wedding is over, but a friend and I had SO MUCH FUN felting our fascinators that I thought I’d share the idea with you. Felt yourself a tiny hat, then attach it to a barrette or a hairband to create an adorable fascinator you can wear to any Royal Wedding with pride. How long until Prince George is old enough to marry?

There are lots of options for creating felted works – the only limit is your imagination! If you’re facing a creative block, consider joining my academy! You’ll get access to courses, videos, and a community of felters like you who can help you through tricky spots, offer feedback, and help you brainstorm ideas for your next project. Sign up now! We’re waiting to craft with you.