Waste Not, Want Not: Sustainability at Bear Creek FarmSome people assume that farms are entirely artificial or agricultural, with little regard for local wildlife. Perhaps that’s true for some, but at Bear Creek, we deeply appreciate Mother Earth and how she benefits our endeavors. Our beloved flocks graze the fields. Local birds pollinate our landscapes. And we know that people tend to produce a lot of waste that goes straight to landfills. That’s why we prioritize reclamation and repurposing whenever possible!

June 5, 2022 is World Environment Day, and it’s one that we are eager to be a part of. We know that many agricultural and industrial endeavors produce excessive waste and pollution. At Bear Creek, we cherish the environment that allows our flocks and creative activities to thrive. And so, we’re committed to reducing our impact whenever possible.

According to the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), which created World Environment Day, we have #OnlyOneEarth, and we are losing it to climate change, habitat loss, and pollution. As a lifelong nature lover, I personally cannot accept a future in which our beautiful planet succumbs to these issues.

​Our projects at Bear Creek and Shepherd Industries emphasize sustainability. For example, we repurpose any wool that we cannot sell to the textile industry or use for the fiber arts. It turns out that sheep and goat fleece makes a great fertilizer and insulator! We even infuse it with catnip, with much gratitude from felines everywhere. We also use eco-friendly scouring agent when we are washing our wool.

The events at the Nome Schoolhouse are also sustainability-minded. Our chef, Libbie, cooks from scratch, creating a farm-to-table experience. The venue itself is restored from a historic building rather than new construction. Whenever possible, we use natural and locally sourced materials. We shop small, and we encourage you to do so as well!

There’s a lot of work to be done. While we may only be a small part of the sustainability movement, it is one that we proudly accept.

Would you like to join us? Here’s how you can participate this World Environment Day:

I truly believe that together, we can change the tide of environmental destruction and climate change. Our planet is precious — and vital to industries such as shepherding and fiber arts. Join us to help save Mother Earth this World Environment Day.


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