Wool Felt Insoles for shoes, slippers and boots


Our all natural Wool insoles will keep your feet cozy and comfy.


Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 1 in
Felt Insoles

Wool Insoles, Wool Plus Insoles


Our Felt insoles will keep your feet cozy and comfy.

  • They wick away moisture and provide an excellent barrier between your feet and the ground.
  • They are all a men’s size 13.
  • They trim easily to fit any size shoe, boot or slipper that size or below.
  • They are softly felted and will form to your foot.
  • Our Wool is grown right here in North Dakota
  • Processed in our mill
  • The Plus insoles have an added proprietary blend of activated charcoal, corn starch and baking soda felted into the insoles. Does an amazing job stopping foot odor in its tracks!

Wool fiber has great insulating properties, is moisture wicking, naturally water resistant and breathable.

 Perfect for the outdoor activities such as ice fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, shoveling snow or every day wear!

They are also good for summer wear as they will help to keep your feet cool and dry in the warm summer months! You really can't go wrong with these insoles!


Inserts can be cut to size based on the individual foot or shoe form. Simply take out the insole of your boot or shoe and cut to custom fit.  Cut inserts cannot be returned or exchanged.

All natural  - colors will vary.