Sharing Your Passion

Sharing Your Passion

If you’ve ever thought about sharing your passion for needle felting, now may be the perfect time. More than ever before, families are staying close to home and searching for new hobbies and crafts that can be enjoyed by all ages. While you may feel you still have a...
Learn to Needle Felt Online!

Learn to Needle Felt Online!

​There’s nothing like being part of a crafting community. Some of my dearest, longest friendships have been built around a love for all things crafts and creativity!  In North Dakota, we’ve kind of got it good in that way. Whether it’s farming, building, producing, or...

Crafting Social Connections with Needle Felting

Crafting Social Connection with Needle Felting Have you ever noticed that, as we age, it becomes increasingly difficult to make new friends? It seemed like we made new friends every day in college, and there is invariably someone new to form a connection with at a new...

Free Needle Felting Basics eBook!

Basics Felting EBook
  • What is Needle Felting
  • What's so Special about the Wool?
  • Needle Felting Lingo you Should Know
  • How do I start?
  • What Tools do I need?