Needle felting is one of the many wonderful kinds of fiber arts — and yes, it is indeed art! Some people have a limited definition for art, or they separate “crafts” as something less meaningful. But this week, on World Art Day (April 15), we’re celebrating all forms of creative expression. Technically, anything that turns our skills and imagination into visual or auditory form is art.

For years, I never considered myself “artistic” because I always heard people saying that “art” is what you see in museums. Once I discovered needle felting, though, I was able to turn my internal vision into a beautiful creation. That’s most definitely art!



Needle Felting Artist Teresa PerlebergArt has so many benefits for our health and society. It encourages us to learn, innovate, and express complex ideas. We can connect with other people and understand their perspectives.

It’s good for your health, too: any artistic activity boosts your focus and hand-eye coordination. It’s also crucial to your mental wellness: there’s nothing like art to help you process your emotions and build self-esteem.

Art is especially wonderful for seniors who often feel isolated or unfulfilled in retirement. They benefit immensely from sharing arts with their peers and gaining a creative outlet.

And as I always say, it’s a great mindfulness exercise that can help relieve stress. That’s especially true for art forms such as needle felting! The combination of rhythmic movement and creative expression stimulates theta brain waves, which help us relax and rejuvenate.

So, in honor of World Art Day, I encourage you to invest some time in art! This commemorative day was founded by UNESCO to raise awareness about art’s transformative power. April 15 is the birthday of esteemed artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci, whose work has transcended time and culture.

But you don’t need to paint the Mona Lisa to enjoy art’s benefits. What is your favorite way to turn your imagination and creative impulse into a work of art? I adore needle felting, of course, and recently, I have been exploring other forms of fiber arts. For example, there are so many projects you can do with alpaca wool, which is distinct from sheep wool! Here’s a fiber sampler kit to help you start exploring.

In fact, I just hosted a fiber arts retreat where people can discover the true potential of all things fiber — how we can create so many delightful artworks with something that comes from nature!

How will you celebrate World Art Day? If you’d like to begin needle felting, here are some helpful resources. It’s never too late to get started! You can order a beginner’s felting kit at our shop and join my Needle Felting Academy for step-by-step tutorials and a passionate community of fellow creators!

If you’re fairly experienced with needle felting but want to stock up for World Art Day, grab your Deluxe Needle Felting Kit. It’s also the perfect day to try out my new blue whale kit if you haven’t yet!

Happy World Art Day, and remember — it’s always a good day to create something wonderful.

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