Duck, Duck, Duck, SPRING!Winter is a lovely, restful time of year, but I always forget how quiet it is…until spring comes back around and I hear all the birds chirping, squawking, and tooting! It’s no wonder that birds are such a common symbol of springtime because they sure get active!

My favorites are the ducks. Unlike many other birds, they find mates during winter, then start nesting in March. So by the time spring arrives, we have fuzzy little ducklings trailing their mamas everywhere. It’s always an adorable sight.

This year, I am reflecting on our shared growth and recovery for the past few years. Spring has traditionally been a time of rejuvenation, and that’s certainly true on Bear Creek Farm.


In addition to renovating the Nome Schoolhouse, we’ve welcomed new members to our flock, launched the Nome Eweniversity, and expanded our fiber processing and arts activities. There’s a lot to feel lucky about!

We’re tapping into the ancient meaning as a time of birth and rebirth. While many of us celebrate Easter during springtime, that’s one of many traditions. From Maypole dances to the Celtic fertility festival Ostara to Japan’s cherry blossom season, people across time and space have loved spring for its themes of regeneration, nourishment, and hope!

I know I do.

What better way to honor this season of abundance than with some nature-inspired creativity? I hope you’re eager to “grow” your felting talent! In the spirit of springtime, I’m offering lots of classes and workshops, both virtual and in-person here at the Nome Schoolhouse. (Don’t forget to stock up on felting supplies!)

Animals are, of course, a prevailing theme this season. As many bird and rabbit species have their young during spring, the ancient Ostara festival considered bunnies and birds’ eggs to be sacred symbols of new birth. Those eventually merged into the Easter Bunny!

Here at Bear Creek, springtime is also when we welcome lambs and take extra-special care of our ewes. (Join us in spirit by felting a happy little sheep!)

If you’ve already got some felted friends who need to get ready for spring, why not launch your very own Fashion Week? Felt hats, knitted scarves, and leather boots are all fun additions to your creatures’ wardrobes.

Are you a beginner to needle felting? I invite you to let your fiber-artistic talent blossom this spring! It’s easy and fun to get started. What better way to celebrate spring?

Learn to Needle Felt the Easy Way!

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