We’re just days away from Father’s Day, and if you haven’t already, you still have time to figure out how you will make the day special for your dad. With all that has been happening, it is extremely important to show the special persons in your life how much you appreciate them. Whether this means a simple gift, a visit, a video call or an entire day of activities, celebrate the amazing father figures in your life with something that they will cherish.


Fathers, like mothers, are instrumental in a child’s development. They are around to lift you up or give a gentle nudge when you need it. They’re a little girl’s first love and a little boy’s first best buddy. And, as you get older, you create awesome memories that can never be erased. 


This Father’s Day, consider spending a little time with your father figures. For some, all they need is to have you around, whether virtually or in person, to make them know you care.  For those who might be interested in sports or other physical activities, perhaps you could make arrangements to allow them to enjoy the day doing a bit of what they love or reminiscing on these things.  


If your dad likes colognes, or watches, or jackets or pens, these are things you can consider gifting them on their special day. If your budget calls for more reasonably priced gifts, however, you can still try your best to get them something because it’s always the thought that counts at the end of the day. They will definitely enjoy any gift that will remind them of you.


At Bear Creek Felting, we create beautiful needle felted animal sculptures with personality. Perhaps the elephant is your dad’s spirit animal, or a bear, or rabbit, or dragon.  We have a wide selection of needle felted animals that you can choose from. We also have needle felted decorative pillows, Alpaca Felt Insoles for shoes, slippers and boots, felted coasters, and felted gift bundles. Check out our collection, which is 100% handmade from 100% wool from our very own sheep and locally raised alpacas.

We also provide needle felted supplies and kits with clear and precise instructions, which are perfect for your own DIY projects. So, you can create a personalized handmade gift for your father, with love, using our DIY needle felting kits. We have advanced and beginner kits that include a variety of colors as well as crafts.

If your dad has been looking for a new hobby during lockdowns, any one of our beginner kits would be the perfect gift. They are equipped with all the tools and supplies you need to create your very own needle felted masterpiece. Instead of simply giving your dad a needle felted gift, create a uniquely new memory with him by making needle felted art together. This will be an unforgettable moment that he will absolutely cherish, simply because it was done with you. 


Needle felting is very easy and does not require any previous experience or skill. It is far different from knitting and sewing, even though it involves the use of needles. Now, these needles are not like the sewing needles that we are familiar with. So, there’s no stringing of the needles or anything of the sort. You’ll be able to just open up your kit and start working on your project right away, wherever you are. We prefer a relaxing environment. But, you can do whatever works for you. 


If you’d like, we also offer needle felting courses through our Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy. You’ll have access to a wide range of materials to make different types of sculptures at your own pace, as well as direct feedback and tips from me and other members in the academy about your needle felting project. So, this would be the perfect gift for your dad, grandfather, uncle, teacher, whoever your special father figures are, if they’d like to start a new hobby in needle felting.


If you’re in the North Dakota area, especially in and around Nome, you will soon be able to visit our new Fiber Arts Center at the newly renovated Nome Schoolhouse to participate in our live needle felting classes. Following our grand opening, Jul 1-4, 2021, we will be offering classes at the Nome Schoolhouse at least once per month. Stay tuned for more information on classes as well as our official grand opening activities via our Nome Schoolhouse events page, our website.


Remember, you’re never too old to create crazy fun memories with dad. Take some time to show your father figures just how much they mean to you on Father’s Day. And, of course, we’d be happy to be a part of your celebrations in any way.

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