Every year, we celebrate National Best Friend’s Day on June 8. On this day, you focus on honoring the friendships that are important to you. That’s a whole day to do something fun with your special friend. It’s also okay if you have more than one best friends. The more, the merrier when it comes to celebrations. Wouldn’t you agree? Plan an entire list of fun activities or that one thing that will make their day.


Best Friend’s Day is a reminder that we all need someone at some point in our lives. A best friend is someone who shows up for you no matter what. They are there to offer a shoulder to lean on in good times and bad. And, they’re pretty much friends who become family. So, anything you would love doing with your family, you would love doing with your best friends.


There are several ways in which you can celebrate your special friendship. Show your love and gratitude by doing something you and your best friend/s would enjoy doing together. You can also pick an activity that either one of you loves and allow the other person/s to try it for the first time. Doing this can open a whole new door of understanding and appreciation for your best friend/s. And, this can strengthen your relationship.


Trying something new for the first time with your best friend/s can make the activity more enjoyable and more memorable. You will get to learn more about each other and have a unique memory that you can reminisce on for many years to come. Pile on the stories for the future grandkids.

You might already know that I’m a simple farm gal who is obsessed with everything wool and absolutely enjoys needle felting. So, an afternoon spent needle felting with my best friends would be awesome for me. For someone who has never tried needle felting, it would be a great experience to try it for the first time with your best friend/s. 


Needle felting can be a great bonding activity for best friends of all ages. It’s a fun experience that allows you to unleash your inner creativity. You can try out any of our needle felting beginner courses. We have a wide range of designs to choose from, which you will love. We not only have needle felting kits and course for animal sculptures and designs but also for succulents, fruits and vegetables. 


You can create your own needle felted garden, starting with a succulent or two, or a holiday cornucopia, or even your very own herd of felted animals with your number one pal/s. If you’re like me who really love animals, you would really love building animal sculptures with their own personalities and adding them to your list of best friends.


If you don’t know where to start, feel free to check out my collection of needle felted fur babies for a little inspiration. When you’ve found the perfect needle felting project for you and your bestie/s, go ahead and get registered. We provide all the supplies that you’d need to create your needle felting crafts. 

Whether you’re a big fan of needle felting or someone trying it for the first time, be open to experiencing the moment with your best friend/s in a fresh and exciting way. Even if you don’t get to celebrate with your best friends on National Best Friends Day, make the time to do so otherwise. And, make it a date you will always cherish just like your friendships

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