Furry Family Members: Remembering Our Pets with CraftsFor most people, animals aren’t pets. They’re family! They lift our spirits with snuggles, cuddles, and weird quirks. They bring us comfort and offer an unconditional love that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Take one look at my Instagram, and you’ll see that my animals are a huge part of my life. I’m sure you have a furry friend who you couldn’t imagine not waking up to each day.

Life, however, gives us these soft, cute, and loving creatures only for a little while. And no matter how old you get, saying goodbye never gets easier. If you have a pet who has now passed on, you can do so much to keep their memory alive.

Most veterinarians offer Rainbow Bridge packages with a tuft of hair and the ashes of the animal. But if you want to remember your furry loved one in your own way, try needle felting a miniature version that you can treasure for life.

Whether you want to turn this keepsake into a Christmas ornament or would prefer to give it as a gift to someone who recently lost their pet, the choice is up to you! As long as you’re detailed, the results will speak for themselves.

Materials Needed

  • Wool
  • Medium, fine, or extra-fine needles depending on the type of wool you use
  • Glass eyes or beads
  • Photo of your pet
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon (optional)

Let’s Begin!

  • Start by creating the head of the animal. Roll the wool fibers in your hand until you’ve created a loose ball. Lay your ball on your felting pillow and start poking the needle through the ball in a straight up and down motion. Keep one side of the head untouched, so you have a place to attach the rest of the body (if you wish).
  • For the animal’s nose, roll a small ball of fiber and use the needles to punch it through the center part of the nose area on the head. Be mindful of how you punch the needle as this will determine the shape of the animal’s nose.
  • To create ears, match two small balls of wool. Punch your needle through each ball repeatedly until they turn into a matted oval or triangle (depending on the shape of your animal’s ears).
  • Now, get detailed by adding different colors of wool for spots and unique markings. This is the part where you miniature animal really comes alive, so don’t be afraid to take your time.
  • If you are using glass eyes or beads for the eyes, you can sew or glue them on. If you’d prefer to stitch or felt on eyes, now is the time!
  • If you’re advanced enough to create the rest of the animal’s body, press on!
  • Whether you want to add a ribbon so you can use this piece as an ornament or would prefer to place it up on your mantle, you’re all set.

Now you have one more special piece of your pet that you’ll remember forever.

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