While everyone continues to move deeper into a 24/7 digital world, there seems no better time to ditch our smartphones and go analog for an hour or two each day.

Phone “addictions” have become so prevalent that people are starting to take intentional breaks from their phones to reconnect with their families, with books, and hobbies. Even hotels are offering packages where guests check their phones at the desk in order to fully engage in tech-free activities for a weekend or more.

Going analog, even for short times, can help ease anxiety and other stress-related ailments. Luckily for us, needle felting happens to be a perfect analog activity! When we trade technology for needles and wool, we can be fully present in our craft and let the text messages wait. 

Building a habit

Stepping away from digital devices becomes more powerful when we make it a habit. Studies show that the benefits compound over time, so why not create a better practice in its place?

If you are already needle felting, set aside time each day to work on your creations. You will find this new habit lowers your stress levels, increases your creativity, and improves your productivity. Plus, you’ll make progress on projects you previously set aside for a rainy day.

If you’re new to needle felting, there’s no better way to improve your skills than to practice daily. Pick up your needles and wool regularly, and you will gain confidence and experience. Of course, you may need to peek at some online resources to help you in your craft – ha – but resist going down the proverbial rabbit hole.

Counting sheep

Another benefit of reducing your screen time is improved sleep. Studies have proven that just having our phones bedside can harm our sleep patterns. The remedy? Create a bedtime ritual that includes placing your phone in another room, so you aren’t tempted to engage.

I’ll go a step further to suggest you create an evening needle felting ritual that replaces your bad-for-you phone habit with a good-for-you creative one. Crafts like needle felting have been shown to reduce stress by creating a meditative-like state, thereby helping to push away the day’s worries and concerns. I know that if I don’t do something creative every day, I notice my mood is not as serene!

Creating confidence

When we dedicate time to improving, we naturally become more confident about our skills and our results. I have several resources to help you get started, as well as learn the lingo. If you want to go deeper, the Bear Creek Needle Felting Academy is the perfect choice for improving your needle felting knowledge.

Start today with a renewed commitment to go analog for an hour or more every day. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes!

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