Needle Felting Bunnies

I routinely get asked how long it takes me to make a Bear Creek Bunny.  I am excited to share a quick glimpse of the process in the video below.  I only wish I could make them this fast!!  The Bear Creek Bunnies take me 3-4 hours to complete as long as I have everything ready to begin, such as having the felted piece for the dress and ears completed.  The bunny in the video is my 310th bunny.  You can learn more about my Bear Creek Bunnies by visiting their page.   I make them throughout the year and try to make them everyday during the spring season.  This doesn’t always happen because of spring being a busy time on the Farm.  (Watch for baby lamb pictures coming soon!)  This video shows how I needle felt a Bear Creek Bunny.  If you would like to know more about needle felting you will want to check out Needle Felting 101.