The 12 Days of Felting On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… another needle felting kit! Sounds like an ideal gift to me! I’ll probably be working on some new crafts throughout the 12 days of Christmas. What better way to relax and nourish the soul than to cozy up with a felting project (or 12!)?

The 12 days of Christmas have always been linked to a period of respectful waiting and celebration. In Christian theology, the 12 days mark the time between Jesus’ birth and the arrival of the Magi (the three wise men). Both Catholicism and certain Protestant denominations recognize the 12 days, starting with December 12 and ending on January 6. The final day marks the start of Epiphany, also called Three Kings’ Day. According to tradition, the Magi brought incredible gifts from their home realms: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. That’s part of the reason that the 12 Days of Christmas has long been linked to gift-giving, nature’s treasures, animals, and splendid artifacts. 

Christmas treeWhy not keep the tradition alive with your own 12 Days of Christmas felting? While you may not have gold to play with, you can certainly light some incense and settle in with your felting projects! Here are 12 ideas so you can felt something new each day of Christmas!

Day 1 (Christmas Day): No snow to build a Frosty in your yard? Felt a snowman friend from the warmth of your couch!

Day 2: Add onto your Nativity scene with an adorable black sheep. (This kit is super easy!)

Day 3: In the song “The 12 Days of Christmas,” this is the day you’re gifted “three French hens!” Felt your own adorable chickens and give them to your true love.

Day 4: Add some mythical flair to your Christmas decor with some whimsical, hardworking gnomes.

Day 5: Not all felting projects are animals or creatures. Try crafting some cranberries, pumpkins, evergreens, and other plants.

Day 6: Want more cold-weather critters in your collection? Try felting an adorable penguin!

Day 7: It’s New Year’s Eve! Traditions include white decor, starbursts, and eating grapes. Try felting some white ornaments or golden starbursts, or for a challenge, felt a bunch of grapes that will last for years to come!

Day 8: Start 2022 off right by wishing prosperity upon your loved ones with a felted animal. Bears, horses, pigs, rabbits, and elephants are all associated with good luck.

Day 9: Challenge yourself to try something new in felting. You may consider adding knit garments, a different type of wool, or some fun hats or props.

Day 10: Give your felted creations a home by making a diorama with some miniatures from your local craft shop.

Day 11: The Magi are almost here. Felt a brilliant star ornament to represent the guiding light they followed.

Day 12: To celebrate Three Kings’ Day, felt your own version of one of the diligent camels that carried the Magi to the Nativity. If you’re a member of the Needle Felting Academy all access the camel course is already included in your membership, for core members you get a 50% discount off my camel course.

I’ll be enjoying some needle felting fun in the Nome Schoolhouse this holiday season. I welcome you to join me, whether through the Needle Felting Academy or by registering for my Snowman Needle Felting class here in the Schoolhouse on January 10, 2022.

Happy holidays … and happy felting!

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