They're cute, they're fluffy, they're bouncy!On September 25th, we celebrate our hoppy friends on National Bunny Day.

If you know me at all, you know I love animals. They are my chief inspiration for my needle felting projects! Of course, it’s hard NOT to love rabbits.

Rabbits are sweet, docile animals that form lasting bonds with their owners. They’re much more social than you might expect: rabbits form hierarchical groups (sometimes called colonies or herds), and they are actually quite smart and protective. As pets, rabbits are just as devoted, loyal, and affectionate as dogs or cats. Some can even learn tricks!




Angoras are most sought-after for their plush coats as the softest fiber in the world used for garments. As an animal primarily used for wool production (or on the show table), angora rabbits are a no-kill livestock, which can be very appealing to a lot of would-be rabbit farmers.

Angora rabbit wool is high in demand and considered top drawer in the fiber production market. Angora fiber can be sold raw (right off the rabbit), spun, dyed or left as their natural color. It’s a fiber so fine, that it’s usually blended with other fibers such as sheep’s wool, mohair, silk, and cashmere. The texture of Angora wool alone is considered too fine to hold the dense stitches of knitting.

Angora is said to be seven times warmer than sheep’s wool and considered too warm for a garment. Blending angora fiber with others will add softness, warmth, and a ‘halo’ effect to a yarn and the resulting garment.

They're cute, they're fluffy, they're bouncy!Of course, we have a bunny needle felting kit up on our shop so you can have your very own rabbit friend. If you want a whole family of felted rabbits, we have materials to make another bunny. (They sure do multiply!) Needle felting is an inexpensive and unique way to honor our bunny friends.

Members of my Needle Felting Academy also get access to a very special bunny felting course. What better way to take part in National Bunny Day? You’ll get step-by-step guidance to create your adorable rabbit. (Tip: Save on the bunny felting kit by getting the Advanced Needle Felting Gift Bundle, which includes the hippo and bear as well!)

Experienced felters: consider making a felt version of your favorite rabbit character! From Bugs Bunny to Roger Rabbit, the possibilities are nearly endless!

Make an adorable felt bunny, and join me in celebrating National Bunny Day. 

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