Learn to needle felt with me . . .

I have designed needle felting kits that include detailed instructions plus everything you need to complete a felting project.

The kits are perfect for beginners and adorable when finished!

The wool included in the kits is what I use in my felting and is from my flock of sheep.

Fantastic item – I started working on my hippo kit the night it arrived! The instructions are clear and easy to follow, and my family is impressed by how hippo-like my hippo looks! Thank you for this great first introduction to my new favorite craft.

The directions are clear with lovely pictures, and all of the contents are very well organized and of good quality. Great beginner project.


This was my first Needle Felting project and it turned out great! Everything I needed to create the rabbit. Good instructions and plenty of wool to work with. Very happy and money well spent!!


I would love to have you join my online needle felting community!  In the Needle Felting Academy you will have access to a growing variety of needle felting courses.  These courses are designed to help you add more character and detail to your sculptures.  I can’t wait to share my techniques with you and get to know you in the forums.

Take your needle felting to the next level!


Woolly Women

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How Sheep came to reside at Bear Creek

This is the 4th post in my blog series; “How I started needle felting and making money with wool from my sheep.”  I started out sharing how growing up on a farm influenced my artistic side and developed my eye for detail.  In the second post I share how homeschooling...

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Needle Felting with Shetland Wool

What wool should I choose for felting? Have you wondered if you should use Shetland wool?  If you have done any needle felting at all, or you are looking to start you will be wondering what breed of wool to use.  I was lucky when I was just beginning I had a flock of...

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Start your first needle felting project.

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