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Join us in the felting community!

You will want to get into the Academy and look around, see what’s available, find what is a good fit for you or even ask what I would recommend for you as your first project before purchasing a kit. You can also source your own materials for each of the courses, a materials list is given for each course.

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Monthly Membership

Teresa Perleberg’s  “Needle Felting Academy”

The Academy is a monthly membership with  VIDEO LESSONS that will show you how to needle felt the BEST sculptures you’ve ever felted.
Plus, new content is added on a regular basis

This MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP will help you:

                    1. Get Started Needle Felting
                    2. Advance your needle felting techniques.
                    3. Save money by knowing up front what works and what doesn’t
                    4. Create more detail in your sculptures.
                    5. Get FEEDBACK on your artwork.

The felting community forum is available for you to communicate with other felting artists.

  • Share techniquesElephant
  • Share wool and supply sources
  • Talk with Teresa and ask her questions
  • Keep motivated with felting challenges and courses.  

Some of the techniques you will learn in the video courses –

  • How to make realistic eyes and noses
  • Learn to felt without wire armatures
  • How to pick the right wool
  • Wet Felting and how to use it with needle felting
  • Layering colors
  • How to attach components
  • How to make smooth surfaces
  • What to do when you make a mistake
  • Needle Felting Shortcuts
  • How to apply hair
  • Beginner and advanced complete video courses on how to make an animal
  • NEW courses will be added continually.
  • Tips on how to improve your needle felting production time.
  • You have access to all courses at all times during your membership.
  • Annual membership includes a 15% discount on supplies and kits.
  • Annual members receive 2 months free compared to monthly members.

I cannot wait for you to join us and start asking questions, learning advanced needle felting skills, sharing resources, and ideas TODAY!

“I joined the Needle Felting Academy less than a month ago, and have enjoyed it thoroughly! I have completed the sheep kit for gifts for 3 of my little nieces. It is so much fun and Teresa’s tutorials are great! She is so good at explaining what she is doing and why, and I so appreciate all the tips she gives for success. Her online classes are like therapy for me, as she has a very sweet and relaxing voice that is so enjoyable to listen to, and it may sound funny, but the poking sound into the wool is also a very relaxing sound. I just really enjoy watching, listening and learning. I even watch the advance classes, even though I am not quite ready to go there yet, just to get some more understanding of the whole process. I am very thankful that Teresa is willing to share all she has learned and experienced. I only wished I lived closer and could attend their Wooly Women get togethers, and visit the Nome School House on a regular basis, when they get that completed. I am very impressed with what Teresa and Chris are doing, and so thankful they are sharing with the rest of us! Keep up your blessed work ladies:)”  Lyda S – Colorado

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3 reviews for Needle Felting Academy Monthly Membership

  1. mbrachel10 (verified owner)

    I have very much enjoyed my membership. I am new at felting and my first few attempts were okay, but not good enough for me to keep making them. I joined to see if I could learn and I really did. She provided very good tips for making it easier and I have found that her wool makes a big difference too, it felts up very well with A LOT less poking. My projects are mostly for gifts, and now I am proud to gift them!

    • Misty

      We’re so glad you are enjoying your membership and learning the art of felting!

  2. Debora Wager (verified owner)

    The Bear Creek Academy has been a wonderful resource in so many ways! The tips, details and demonstrations that Teresa makes available through the academy have helped my needle felting sculptures become more realistic and advance to a higher skill level. Members have access to years of her experience–what works, how to correct mistakes, and video demonstrations that can be viewed over and over, paused when needed, and set for the particular part of the course that needs to be reviewed. The best testimony for me personally is comparing my pre-academy work to my post-academy work. What a difference! Thank you Teresa!

  3. flyingbearkim (verified owner)

    I already had some experience with needle felting and was pretty confident, but this membership has been wonderful! I love the fact that I can go back to see certain techniques over and over again whenever I want to. Teresa is an expert and has great tips and answers to questions. It is an awesome membership, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in needle felting. Even experts could benefit from the forums and videos.

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