Rainy Summer Days? Keep the Kids Busy With Needle Felting

Summer is finally here! It’s time for swimming pools, beach trips . . . and unexpected rainstorms. Sometimes a rainstorm can be nice to cool things down or cut the humidity. But, as anyone with children knows, rainy days can lead to a whole lot of BOREDOM! Now, it’s...
Needle Felting a Camel

Needle Felting a Camel

Needle Felting a Camel – the needle felting process I am currently working on the animals for a nativity scene and just finished my very first camel. I share the entire needle felting process in a short video below. The video shows the process from the start,...

Needle Felting Elephants with Teresa Perleberg

My last big sculpture of 2016 is this mommy elephant and her little baby.  I love making elephants and this little pair turned out pretty cute.  I have been sharing this work in progress on Instagram and Facebook.  I put together some of the pictures here for you to...
My Favorite Needle Felting Tool

My Favorite Needle Felting Tool

I usually felt for hours at a time, most of the day, everyday so finding a comfortable needle felting tool was a top priority!  I felt with a single needle and up until a few years ago I didn’t use anything other than the bare needle.  The needle wasn’t...

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