5 Christmas Presents Every Needle Felter NeedsI remember the ‘before kids Teresa’ saw Christmas as an opportunity to have a good lie in, receive those bits I hadn’t bought for myself and eat/drink myself into an afternoon nap. Well the truth is, not much changed after being blessed with my tribe, apart from the day now ends with my felting pillow on my lap, and a pineapple upside down being whipped up by one of the kids!

After the year we’ve all been blessed with, I don’t know about you, but Christmas is going to be very well celebrated in our house. I’m already humming the Home Alone theme tune in my sleep. With the uncertainty of who we can celebrate with, still looming, one thing is for sure, it’s time to get creative about putting a smile on our friends and families faces. No need to panic for those avid Needle Felters, as we’ve created a list of 5 Christmas Presents Every Needle Felter Needs This Holiday Season! If you’re needing a little festive inspiration… We’ve got ewe covered…


Needle Felting Kit

There’s something therapeutic about starting a new project with a new set of needles, new design…wool….Makes me want to start over just thinking about it! Kits are the perfect gift for both beginners and Needle Felting pro’s, our kits have everything you need to get started so no need for extra purchases! Or batteries, hands up if Christmas morning has once been ruined due to a lack of batteries. Ugh, I see you and have too been there…multiple times. If you are purchasing for a newbie, be sure to point them to our blog post to save them any beginner frustrations! Nobody wants tears at Christmas!


Needle Felting Pillow

Does the squeak of the needle piercing the foam cushion make you shudder?…it can be like nails to a chalkboard for some! Our wool Needle Felting Pillow’s are my favorite surface to felt on. No more disturbing my husband’s favorite TV show, I can felt silently and get lost in a piece for hours!



The perfect wool for Needle Felting

It’s no secret how I came to realize I had a talent for Needle Felting…but if you’re new around here (hello!) In a nutshell, my daughter asked for a lamb for her birthday…we ended up with 4 Romney Sheep (whose wool is perfect for needle felting) and you could say the rest is history! Our flock produces the most beautiful wool that we clean without any harsh chemicals so you can enjoy crafting with peace of mind and with a wool that doesn’t fuzz! I’d say that’s a pretty good stocking filler!


Case for your Needles

Losing needles is as infuriating as losing your keys…am I right? Not to mention finally finding one and it’s broken. A Needle case is the perfect gift for any Needle Felter, but especially for those who like to ‘felt on the go’. Say goodbye to poking yourself through your bag! Oh and this case even holds a Needle holder!


Extra Needles

Boring to many, music to any needle felters ears! I wish I’d had extra needles when my little ones were learning with me, from needles breaking to disappearing into the sofa (don’t worry we found it) extra needles would have been a welcomed gift!


Whether you’re felting yourself or introducing a newbie to the family, these gifts of love will be sure to welcome in 2021 with a smile…and a sigh of relief. However, if you’re wanting to win a gold star for your pressie, our Academy Membership is the ultimate gift for any Needle Felting lover!

Meeting others who share my passion for this craft makes all those finger pricks and frustration tantrums worth it! I can’t wait to welcome you through the virtual doors of the Nome Schoolhouse… And in the not too distant future, the actual doors!

Happy Holidays All!

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