Single Needle Felting Tool


Very comfortable to use plus it comes in different colors to help you keep track of your different size needles. (Needle not included)

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Case for Needle Felting Tools

Keep your needles safe with this leather and felt carrying case for our felting needles and holders. (Colors will vary from those pictured)


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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 3 × .5 × .5 in

Blue, Gold, Anodized Red


The tool I recommend to all of my needle felting students. The needle is easy to switch out when it wears out and it is easy to hold in your hand giving you precision control.

I recommend using size 36 needle when working with my wool and using a single needle. (Needle not included)

With this Single Needle Felting Tool the working tip of the needle is in the exact center ensuring a constant working position related to your fingers every time you pick up the tool.

The ergonomic design ensures that the tool fits the user’s hand comfortably, with the entire needle shank held within the tool, providing the shortest distance between fingers and felt. Requiring minimal gripping effort, this tool provides you with a high level of control and precision in your work.

The automatic centering of the felting needle allows easy, fast and safe insertion and removal of the needle. The precision machined needle slot provides secure seating for the needle which is held in place by simple rubber rings ensuring positive location.

Snowy Creek Needle Felting Tools are unique precision machined light-weight aluminium tools for all your hand felting work.

Needle placement description.

Warning the needles are very sharp

Always have the tool pointing away from your body when inserting or removing the needle.

To insert needle

First support the holder in both hands with the slotted end away from your body. Use both thumbs to roll the “O ring” away and out of its groove towards the head of the tool, sliding the ring till it is loose on the body of the tool.

SCSFT_clip_image004Next, hold the needle by its head and slide the tip away from you under the loose ring, into the slot and through the inner ring. Then hold the needle where it protrudes from the tool and seat the needle head at the back of the slot, rotating the needle to secure it.

Lastly, slide the “O ring” back up the tool into its groove covering the needle head. For positive location the needle must remain rotated.

To remove needle.

Roll and slide “O ring” towards head of the tool as before, now apply light pressure to the needle towards the middle of the tool where the needle protrudes from the holder, this will lift the needle head from its groove allowing the needle to be withdrawn.


A Very light spray then wipe with CRC, WD40, or similar lubricant will protect and nourish the rubber “O rings” and assist in preventing corrosion of the needles