​Can you believe it? An entire decade is coming to a close! Soon everyone will become thoughtful and turn to New Year’s resolutions. Why not add a goal of expanding your crafting to needle felting?

Needle felting is more than just a craft or a way to create adorable felted creatures; it can be a fabulous stress reliever as well. So if you are looking to reduce stress while getting your creative juices flowing, consider needle felting!

Getting Started

The great thing about needle felting is it doesn’t take much to get started. There are plenty of online resources to demonstrate techniques and inspire you on your new adventure. My EweTube channel has dozens of lessons and galleries of finished projects to urge you on.

As for supplies, needle felting is straightforward – wool and a felting needle. Yes, it really is that simple! Check out this video of me making a Scottish Highlander to see a creation from a ball of wool to a finished animal.

Okay, you may have noticed I’m using a couple of other accessories in this video. I especially like working on a needle felting pillow – it’s easier on your hands when you get really into a project. If you’re like me and tend to go all-in with a new craft, you can also pick up my getting started kit with everything you need, including several wool colors.

Good for Your Soul

If you are a seasoned crafter, you probably already know what it’s like to get lost in a project and lose all track of time. Researches have actually started studying the benefits, likening this state to that of meditation. So if meditating or taking more time for yourself is on your resolution list, needle felting might just be the answer.

Needle felting can also boost your confidence since being able to learn anything new gives us a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. Accepting a “beginner’s mind” and taking on a new challenge reminds us that we can still learn new tricks and create beautiful sculptures from wool. Best of all, you will find a whole community of like-minded artists to make you feel at home in your new endeavor. So, make needle felting part of your 2020 resolutions and become more creative, relaxed, confident, and connected all with a single hobby!

It’s not too late to shop for the holidays! My complete kits are as perfect for someone just getting started as an experienced needle felter looking for her next project. For the person who wants to work on their skills within a community, the Bear Creek Felting Academy makes a great gift!

Learn to Needle Felt the Easy Way!

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My mission? To help others learn to needle felt the easy way.

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