From Baaa to Daaad: Celebrating Fathers with Felting!Last month, we celebrated Mother’s Day, which was particularly appropriate here at Bear Creek Farm as we’d just finished helping 98 ewes give birth. (Phew!) Now, it’s time to honor our fathers. Rams don’t care for their offspring, but as so many of our shepherds and crafters have great father figures, we’re eager to say, “Thanks, Dad!”

Perhaps “ewe” have you noticed that we tend to use puns throughout our content. Well, that’s our fathers influencing us with their typical “dad humor.” Fathers are more than a source of jokes, though. We cherish the men who have guided us on our journeys, from fathers to husbands to mentors to creative muses!

Sometimes, our dads are all we have. Father’s Day was founded in 1909 by Sonora Smart Dodd, whose father raised his children alone after his wife died in childbirth. Dodd saw that fathers were often not appreciated for their role in childrearing — even today, some people exclude dads by joking that they’re “babysitting” or “got stuck” watching the kids. Her goal was to celebrate men’s roles in raising and mentoring their children. Over time, Father’s Day became a time to honor all the dads, uncles, grandpas, big brothers, and coaches in one’s life.


Sadly, the fiber arts, including needle-felting, basket-weaving, and other crafting activities are often portrayed as “women’s work.” While we do see a female trend in our art forms, all genders are welcome to join us. Indeed, needle-felting can be a fantastic father-daughter or father-son activity! If you’re eager to take up a new hobby with Dad, now’s the time to try one or more of the amazing fiber arts.

For any holiday, I personally am a huge fan of homemade gifts as a way to show your loved one just how they special they are. And shared experiences are even more valuable. I cherish the memories I have with people far more than the artifacts we create together — and that’s saying a lot!

Need some ideas for spending quality time with dear old Dad? Well, as you may have guessed, I’m all about the fiber arts! They’re highly creative yet technical skills, so your father gets the opportunity to make something while enjoying some mindful activity. If your father is older and dealing with health issues, crafting also has some powerful healing benefits. Is there a more loving gift than that? Try needle felting together with Dad’s beverage of choice! (Here are some other fun options.)

You can order one of my kits through the Needle Felting Academy or even book a father-child retreat here at the Nome Schoolhouse. We’ve got plenty of papa-pleasing homecooked meals here as well.

If you can’t see your papa in person, send him some heart-felt gifts. Most Dads appreciate relaxing at the end of a long day. Alpaca felt insoles for his slippers and absorbent felt coasters for his ice-cold beer or hot tea are both great gift ideas! You could even felt a stylish hat so Dad can feel confident and stay warm wherever he goes.

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