From Frosty Fingers to Warm HeartsSnow is a strange thing. It’s delicate yet sometimes dangerous. It’s beautiful but also painful. It covers everything yet disappears with a bit of sun (although not as easily up here in North Dakota!). And interestingly, it’s a creative medium as well.

Since ancient times, people have loved making shapes out of what nature gives them. We formed mud, sticks, and clay into animals, symbols, and of course, human figures. At Bear Creek, we keep up the tradition by felting wool into sculptures.

But come winter, we have a rare opportunity to make our creations out of snow! And indeed, people have done that for centuries. While historical documents referring to snowmen date back to the 1500s, it’s likely that even prehistoric people enjoyed building figures out of snow. Since then, folks around the world have used snowmen as decor, defense, and good ol’ family fun.

We seem to be an innate desire to create shapes of people. It comforts us. Who doesn’t love a friendly snowman standing guard in their yard? Classic stories such as Frosty the Snowman imagined this benevolent figure coming to life. (I love the catchy song that goes with it: “Frosty the Snowman was a jolly, happy soul!”)

But even if you don’t have a magic silk hat, you can enjoy the art of snowman-building. If it makes you too sad to watch him (or her) melt away, why not needle-felt a snowman friend?

needle felted snowmenI’m hosting a Snowman Needle Felting Class in January, right here in the Nome Schoolhouse! You can get toasty with us and create a melt-proof snowman friend. This project is suitable for beginners, but even seasoned fiber artists love making snowmen! It’s wonderful winter fun without the cold fingers. You can register here.

Our snowman class is becoming an annual tradition here at the Nome Schoolhouse. If you couldn’t make it to last year’s class, come join us this year! All you need to bring is your holiday spirit. Your class registration fee includes all materials needed to make a snowman with a whimsical red scarf.

However, if you have some ideas for different attire, feel free to bring materials to make some cozy accessories! The best part about snowmen and snowwomen is that you can dress them up however you’d like. Here’s a helpful pattern for a snowman’s hat and scarf plus some lovely yarn spun right here at Shepherd Industries.

The winter holidays are the most wonderful time of the year for creative activities — especially if you’re holed up indoors. Here on the farm, we spend a lot of time stomping around the snow to care for the animals. There’s nothing quite like pulling on some warm wool socks and cozying up with your fiber projects!

Arts and crafts give you a chance to unwind, bond with friends and family, and perhaps make a little Yuletide magic. Plus: your felted creations look great as tree ornaments!

I’d love to have you join me for this class. It’s taking place on January 9, so once you wrap up your 12 days of Christmas, keep up the felting fun at this special event! But if you can’t join in-person, please do take my Snowman Course in the Needle Felting Academy.  Then, snap a picture and tag me on social media! (@prairieshepherd on Instagram, Bear Creek Felting on Facebook)

If your heart is set on a whole snow family, here are materials to make another snowperson.

Here’s to a creative season where we can all feel like jolly, happy souls!

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