Winter is a time for togetherness, reflection, and creativity. From ice-skating to caroling, there are many wonderful Christmas traditions. Sadly, we’re still a bit limited due to the pandemic. Not to worry — ’tis the season to get crafty with your friends and family! And honestly, it’s closer to what people have done for centuries: huddle around fires, sip savory beverages, and create magical memories together. Plus, it’s an excellent way to save money and avoid both the coronavirus and the classic flu!

At our farm, we’ve long celebrated a winter tradition of cozying up together and working on craft projects. Would your family like to join us in spirit? Here are some simple winter crafts to enjoy together.

There’s nothing like needle felting to keep your hands and heart warm as you enjoy a nice mug of cocoa or eggnog. I personally adore needle felting as it’s a very zen-like, relaxing hobby that creates beautiful ornaments. And you don’t have to be an experienced fiber artist to get started. As I like to say, needle felting is for everyone!


Snowman Needle Felting Class Nome North DakotaI’ve put together many tutorials and kits in the Bear Creek Felting shop and academy, but my easiest kit is actually perfect for the holidays: my snowman kit is ideal for beginners. It’s the ideal way to embrace a classic Christmas tradition without having to go out in the cold. Or, if you’re down South where there is no snow, you can start your snowman-building tradition with the fiber arts way!

My students also love felting mythical creatures such as gnomes and snow-loving animals such as sheep and penguins. But truly, the possibilities are endless.

So, why not turn your Christmas gathering into a felting party? With a bit of wool and enough needles to go around, you’ll have a fun crafts activity for both kids and adults.

Knitting is another fun, relaxing craft that’s actually quite easy to start. It pairs well with needle felting, especially during winter. Doesn’t your new felted snowman friend need a hat and scarf?

Stock up on winter wool so your family and friends can knit some cozy creations — whether it’s a miniature stocking cap for your felted snowman, a Christmas tree ornament, or a human-sized muffler!

A fiber arts gathering is such a lovely way to keep warm and enjoy creative fellowship. You can make custom gifts for your loved ones, create unique, sustainable holiday decorations, or simply keep your fingers warm during this cold winter! I hope you feel inspired and comforted this holiday season.

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