Do you remember the days of making snow angels or crafting beautiful snowmen in the yard with the entire family? No matter how cold it gets, we’ve always enjoyed the chance to go out and explore the great outdoors, even if just for a few minutes. Perhaps you are no longer able to enjoy such activities.

How are ewe coping through this winter season? 

As we maneuver through these trying times, it’s very important for us to continue creating moments of fulfillment and happiness. Children and adults alike need this kind of normalcy to cope. The opportunity to go out and enjoy our typical winter activities such as snowboarding, skiing, building snowmen or just being in the great outdoors are being thwarted by nationwide lockdowns. If you and your loved ones are missing the snow, we’ve got the perfect idea. How about taking your favorite snow activity indoors? 

This winter, the good shepherds at Bear Creek have been fervently working on the restoration of the Nome Schoolhouse, which will be open in July. We are super excited about this, and hope you are too! When we’re not busy working, we love to spend family time doing what we love. You guessed it: needle felting!


Making A Snowman Indoors

If you’re new to needle felting or you’re a pro, the snowman is a classic fun-size sculpture to make. They are perfect for the winter and all our felting friends and family absolutely love them. If you’re familiar with what a snowman looks like, then you’ll know that all we need to get started are two or three balls of wool and your felting supplies. 


Grab a friend or your little ones and let’s get started! For the more experienced felter, begin by forming three balls of wool, making the ball for the base the biggest and the one for the head the smallest. We love to use one ball for the base of the snowman, one for the body and another for the head. Attach the balls one by one and get your buttons and other creative materials to attach to your snowman for the face, arms and outfit. Feel free to let your creativity run wild and customize your masterpiece however you like. Check out our step by step guide on how to attach body parts, with your entire family.


For those wanting to learn how to make a snowman, don’t worry, our snowman kit includes instructions! It is one of the easiest crafts in needle felting, so it’s definitely a good starter for kids and newbies. To make the perfect snowman that can bring the feeling of the great outdoors inside, come on and learn with us. We’ll provide premade balls so that we can get straight to creating your masterpiece. 


Place your finished products on the window ledge, showpiece or if you still have out your Christmas tree, find the perfect spot for your snowman. Don’t you feel better already? 


We can’t wait to welcome you through the virtual doors of the Nome Schoolhouse, which will officially open in July 2021. Our physical location will include a retail store, classrooms, fiber animals on site, Bed & Breakfast rooms, in-house chef and an Event Center. Get ready to create lasting memories with us at our new location, hopefully pretty soon! Follow our Nome Schoolhouse progress on Facebook and EweTube



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