Are you all as excited about Christmas as I am?! After the trials of this year, I am looking forward to some downtime with my family to just be. It’s been a difficult year for many, and we could all use a little boosting of our spirits this holiday season.

My Christmas spirit always shows up in full force! The kids will hopefully be home to celebrate with us—we’ve got one coming all the way from Montana, (a 13 hour drive!) we haven’t seen him for months, and can’t wait to catch up. And as always, eagerly anticipating my brother’s annual party! Always a great get-together, last year he had adult sized inflatables! So much fun! Praying hard that my sister is able to join us, as a nurse today, you can never guarantee anything…

I am proud to say my Christmas shopping is complete! (Phew!) However if you’re still running around for last minute bits, we are shipping until the 18th December, so there’s still time to pop an adorable snowman in that stocking! Did you catch my blog about the five Christmas pressie’s every needle felter needs? 

If you fancy introducing a friend to the hobby of my heart, our kits contain everything they need to felt themselves a gorgeous figure this Christmas! That includes…


You really have get enough needles, especially as a beginner! They tend to get lost (sofa cushions anyone?)…We also tend to be a little heavy handed when starting out, so the more the merrier is definitely the way to go!




While many people use Merino wool for needle felting, Romney Wool is actually much more suited to Needle Felting. The wool in our kits come from our own flock of Romney sheep. When stumbling upon this beautiful breed almost by accident, we could never have imagined that flock would birth not only a passion, but a space to teach, supply and advance Needle Felting!


Our needle felting kits come with easy to follow designs created by me, and I hope you’ll love working on them as much as I did when I created them!

Felting Cushion

The needle felting kits contain a foam cushion, although I would highly recommend upgrading to one of our wool cushions. If nails down a chalkboard sends shivers down your back, the squeak of a needle in foam does the same for me!

And you’re off! No need for any fancy armature or special equipment…find yourself a comfy spot (I recommend by the fire) and start felting! 

If you’re already hooked on Needle Felting and would enjoy a community of avid felters ladened with love, tips and support, The Academy is just the thing for you! Of course you are too welcome to join as a beginner to skip those beginner issues as much as possible! 

Christmas is going to be extra special this year and I hope you all enjoy it with a little Snowman or Gnome by your side! 

Happy Holidays y’all! 



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