I think most Needle Felter’s will agree that you don’t just pick up your felting needle and make a masterpiece….If that were true, my kids would still be felting with me. Instead, your patience, tenacity and will power are all tested greatly, until rewarded with an adorable figure to dress your mantle! And just like labour, that beginning stage is forgotten!

When we were designing our beginner kits, we wanted to give you the easiest ride possible into the beautiful art of Needle Felting. Romney wool, pre felted accessories and clear step by step instructions will mean you’ll be swapping your ‘Days of our lives’ time for stepping into our Academy before you know it!

However even with all that love and care, you’re still going to need a few tips to see you over that learning hurdle….So here are a few Do’s and Don’ts that will be sure to help you fall in love with Needle Felting, just as I did.

  1. Do start with an easy project.
    No one is judging you around here…Don’t try to run before you can walk. Take it from me, it only adds to beginner frustration! Our gorgeous snowmen are perfect to start felting his holiday season, with their wired arms, no frustration will be had here!
  2. DO keep felting!….When you think you’ve finished…Keep going.
    So many of you ask how to get your figures stable. As long as you’re using Romney wool the answer is easy…Keep felting! The more you felt, the harder it’ll get. We all know I love a firm felt, it lets you add so much more expression to the piece! For those of you who prefer a softer feel, I would suggest making your core firm and then felting over with a softer type of wool!
  3. DON’T forget to turn!
    It can be so tempting to go to town on one side of your ball and forget you’re supposed to be making a body….not a slab (oh yes, I’ve been there) Remember to turn and felt evenly.

4. DON’T overwhelm yourself…You can always add more wool
Don’t worry about starting out with an overwhelming enormous ball of wool. Yes, your felt will decrease by around ⅓ of the size however you can add more wool at any time…So keep it manageable and enjoy the milestones along the way!

5. DO use Romney Wool
Just as chopping with blunt knives, felting with the wrong type of wool will cause unnecessary frustration, not to mention a fuzzy, pliable felt! All our kits come with our very own Romney Wool from our flock, processed by us with no harsh chemicals and dyed on site!

Nothing gives me more pleasure than witnessing the transformation from beginners into Needle Felting Pros, all from the use of our kits and Academy! Despite the wobbly learning process, this craft changed my life….And I can’t wait for it to change yours!

Happy Felting!

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