Gourds Just Wanna Have FunThat’s all they really want! And fall is the season for it, from pumpkin spice lattes to jack-o’lanterns.

Did you know that the original jack o’lanterns were made out of turnips or other root vegetables? The practice originated in Europe, where night watchmen would carry hollowed-out gourds with candles inside. Eventually, people began to associate the flickering light with the will-o’-the-wisp and other spooky events. Carving out gourds became a fun pastime around Halloween.

In America, though, pumpkins were much more common. These vibrantly colored gourds grew rampant in fall. So, we began carving jack o’lanterns out of them. They were also a vivid symbol of the harvest. American cultivars developed a bright orange hue that matched the falling leaves.

In a nutshell, that’s why we associate pumpkins with autumn and Halloween! Plus, they’re delicious. And who doesn’t love their whimsical shape and fun color?

Jack o’lantern carving has become a fun new tradition. People even compete to make the most intricate designs. To me, fall has always been a season of creativity, one in which everyone feels the urge to unwind and tap into their inner muse…whether they’re making costumes, carving gourds, or doing some fiber arts!

The sad part is that our decorative pumpkins and jack o’lanterns eventually rot away. If you’d like some festive fall decor that you can enjoy year after year, why not needle-felt some pumpkins that will never decay? After all, needle-felting is the perfect fall hobby, in my humble opinion. 

I’m excited to get into the fall spirit with a pumpkin needle-felting class, happening October 3 at the Nome Schoolhouse! We will create adorable miniature pumpkins that you can use to “season” your home decor or provide some “set dressing” for your other fall felting creations!

Both beginners and seasoned felters are welcome. (Apple cider and PSLs optional.) The class includes materials for one orange pumpkin. I’ll be teaching the basics while we create our pumpkins.

So, if you’re experienced but still wish to join the fun, try making pumpkins of different colors! This starter needle-felting kit has some nice earthy hues for you to play with. 

If you can’t join us in person, don’t worry! The pumpkin needle-felting kit is available on the Bear Creek Felting shop. It’s one of my easiest kits, which makes it an ideal beginner’s felting project. Want to needle-felt a whole pumpkin patch plus a friendly turkey? This year’s fall felting bundle contains everything you need.

As always, you’ll receive a discount if you’re a member of my Needle Felting Academy. Membership also gives you access to a wide variety of courses for year-round felting!

Fall is such a delightful time for renewal and mindfulness. In my view, it’s important to spend some time being artistic and social as we wind down for winter. That’s why I’m honored to be offering this course. 

If you’re local (or visiting our region for the holidays), swing by Nome Eweniversity to learn needle-felting and other fiber arts. We also offer courses on shepherding and other fascinating topics. Autumn is the season of learning and creativity. I’ll hope you join us, whether in-person or virtually!

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