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An Unforgettable Week at the Needle Felting Mastery Retreat

by | Jun 28, 2024

What an incredible week we had at the Needle Felting Mastery retreat held at the charming Nome Schoolhouse! This special event brought together 13 talented individuals from 8 different states, all flying in to join me for an immersive and enriching needle felting experience.

A Diverse Group with a Shared Passion

Our group was wonderfully diverse, with attendees hailing from California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Nevada, Michigan, North Dakota, and Maryland, each bringing their unique perspectives and enthusiasm. The shared passion for needle felting created an instant bond among us, transforming strangers into friends over the course of the retreat.

Learning and Creating Together

Throughout the week, we delved into the basics of needle felting, gradually building our skills and confidence. Here’s a glimpse of what we created:

  • Garland: We kicked off our projects by making beautiful garlands, perfect for adding a handmade touch to any home decor.
  • Meadowlark Painted with Wool: One of the highlights was painting with wool, creating stunning meadowlark designs that showcased the versatility of needle felting.
  • Sheep: Crafting adorable sheep was a fun and rewarding experience, especially for those new to needle felting.
  • Snowman: Our festive snowmen added a touch of winter wonderland to the retreat.
  • Dragon: The intricate details of our dragon projects challenged everyone.
  • Duck: Creating whimsical ducks brought smiles all around.
  • Bison: We concluded the week with the majestic bison, a project that encapsulated the skills we honed throughout the retreat.

Exclusive Tours and Farm Visits

Apart from our felting projects, attendees enjoyed personal tours of the newly renovated Nome Schoolhouse building and the fiber mill where the wool is processed. A special trip to visit my sheep, who provided the wool for our projects, was a highlight for many. It was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to see the full journey of the wool from the sheep to their felting needles.

A Worry-Free, Luxurious Experience

Unlike other craft retreats, all retreats I hold at the Nome Schoolhouse are entirely all-inclusive, ensuring you have no worries at all. Participants could focus solely on felting and learning, with every detail taken care of. All their meals were provided—not just boxed lunches, but decadent meals prepared by our in-house chef, Libbie.

Accommodations were equally luxurious; instead of a bunkhouse, everyone had their own room or shared with a sister or friend, each with private bathrooms. This allows everyone to relax and enjoy their stay to the fullest. This level of comfort and convenience is a core reason why we renovated the Nome Schoolhouse—to provide an exceptional retreat experience.

Continuous Learning and Shared Creativity

It wasn’t just the students who were learning at this retreat. Each event provides me with new insights into teaching my craft, understanding where people struggle, and finding better ways to help them. I also love hearing ideas for new kits and future retreats. It’s always fun to see the unique details that students add to my original designs, infusing their own artistic flair into their creations.

New Ideas and Future Plans

Throughout the week, we shared ideas for future projects and came up with new retreat concepts. As the week drew to a close, it was heartwarming to see everyone heading home not only with newfound skills and beautiful creations but also feeling rested and accomplished.

Thank You!

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended and made this retreat so memorable. Your enthusiasm, creativity, and willingness to learn made this experience truly unforgettable. I look forward to seeing where your needle felting journey takes you and hope to see you again at future retreats.

Until next time, keep felting and creating!

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