Have you ever been on a safari? It’s a wonderful opportunity to see amazing wildlife, but it’s not always accessible — especially these days. That doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Africa’s fantastic creatures right here in the United States!

In fact, you can enjoy species from every continent with the art of needle felting. I certainly do! As I’ve said before, I’ve always loved animals. What particularly drew me to felting is that you can make creatures that look much more realistic than stuffed animals. With practice, they look remarkably realistic — just smaller! (And that’s nothing a nice background and some Photoshop can’t fix.)

At Bear Creek Felting, we’re all about animal education and welfare. So while an actual safari may not be on the cards, we can still celebrate Earth’s zoological diversity right here in Nome.

I’m excited to announce a new adventure at the Nome Schoolhouse. We’re hosting a Needle Felting Safari where you can craft one of the savannah’s most magnificent creatures: the African elephant! No need to bring a sun hat or mosquito netting: this safari will take you on a ride through the imagination.

felting safariThis will be a relaxing, rejuvenating retreat, enjoying the mindfulness benefits of needle felting as well as taking a nome-like safari drive through the sheep pasture. Plus, my daughter Libbie will be cooking from scratch, and we’ll take you around the fiber mill as well. It’s one of our New Year’s goals to continue growing the Nome Schoolhouse as a hub of creative connection.

So, if you’re eager to grow your felting skills this year, I hope you’ll join me on safari! (Psst: we’re also doing a Taste of the Fiber Arts retreat and a plant basket-weaving retreat if you wish to explore other fiber crafts.)

Note that we’re primarily making elephants on our Needle Felting Safari, but if you’d like to felt some other safari favorites, check out my Hippo and Baby Elephant kits. For some American megafauna (giant animals), you can make your very own miniature bison with this kit. (As always, you can get a discount with a Felting Academy membership.)

What do you say? Ready for an adventure? With needle felting, anything is possible!

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