The stride into 2021 has not been how any of us envisioned starting a New Year. It can be a struggle to remain positive during the current situation, however just as I was looking for a hobby to fill my free time back as a stay at home mom, Needle Felting can be your savior. 

Our customers all over the world have relayed to us how our kits have got them through lockdowns and put smiles on faces over christmas. One thing we are super proud of is how our Academy members have become a support network for each other during 2020 and welcome each new member into the circle they can now call friendship. Oh if we had foreseen this a few years ago, our hearts would have burst at the seems! 

January blues can be tough in any year, let alone in our present situation. We want to show you just how a tiny Needle felted snowman can help your spirits lift and provide you with hours of accomplishment and joy!



Here are our top reasons why Needle Felting can banish those January blues once and for all!

1. Nothing makes a smile more than a child. 
Getting the whole family involved in crafts is not only educational, but makes your heart warm. Even in separate households, connected by Needle Felting, generations can enjoy the art and accomplishment as though they were side by side. And hey! Zoom is a perfect way to share your creations with loved ones, passion and excitement bounds through that screen!





2. January purse strings.
January can be a tight financial month for many, having a hobby that takes time, patience and yet gives you oodles of satisfaction and pride is priceless! Our Academy is also the perfect affordable gift for anyone who wants to turn their hand to Needle felting! 

3.  Getting lost in the art
Ask my children….At the beginning, days, weeks…months could have passed and you would have to tap me at least 3 times to get my attention up from my felting. Getting lost in the craftsmanship made time pass by seamlessly. As so many are struggling with lockdowns, Needle Felting can help relieve anxiety and boredom for the whole family. 

4. Natural hit of dopamine! 
When we partake in something we love, our body releases a hit of dopamine, fighting depression and making those January blues seem like a distant memory! Believe me, when you place that adorable set of Gnomes of the mantel, that dopamine surges at every glance!

The escapism of crafting will forever be one of my favorite attributes of learning to Needle Felt. As a busy mom, my felting pillow became my haven and I would drift off into a peaceful, serene haze as I created an addition to my collection…..Now I yearn for the noise of children…but so is the circle of Motherhood! 

Wishing you all a year filled with happiness (and the occasional pricked finger)


Happy January!

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